Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Story time!

Now it's about time for a story. Today's story boys and girls is how KameKnits Enterprises came to be.
Once upon a time... now I want you to imagine a time long ago in a kingdom far, far away.

Here I was a Junior in college looking for a hobby. At the time, all I did was read as a hobby. However, when you are in college and they force you to read books and more books, the last thing you want to do is read in your free time (again where is this free time with all this class reading?) So I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. Where this idea came from I have no idea. I believe it first came because I found out that a friend of mine was going to be having a baby and I wanted to be able to make something for her. So I bought one of those "Learn to Knit" kits and suffered through that. Soon I realized, I cannot learn by looking at a book. I need to see someone do it.

After some time I found that a friend of mine (that I used to live next to) knitted. So I asked for her. And yay, I learned how to knit. At least the knit stitch. So that's all I did, I knitted things. I couldn't even fathom to purl... just knit. Which was fine, because you could make just about anything doing just that. The one thing I had problems with was figuring out how to exactly bind off (or end the project) I knew I wasn't doing it correctly (since I was never taught) but it was getting the job done. (This scarf was one of my first projects.)

(later on I went on to complete MANY long scarves - sew them together and make a large blanket for our queen sized bed)

Fast forward 2 years when I graduated college and went back to working at the theater. When my boss realized that I was knitting all the time she decided to teach me how to bind off. Yay. At that same time, a friend of mine realized that I might be able to crochet. So she offered to teach me. Wow was that so much easier than knitting. Or at least it
felt easier. I could whip along and create whatever I wanted and stop when I wanted and didn't have to do all of this binding off business.

I was in!

So now we've got that part...

Now we fast forward to oh say 2006? Here we have one of the first major projects I created for a friend of mine - a blanket for her new baby!

I was working at Phoenix making blankets for coworkers upon request (some samples below)

Then I realized maybe I should start selling the things that I was making in my spare time. A friend from HS mentioned Etsy. So I figured I would make a store and sell on there. BUT I needed a name! How could I start a store without a name?

Now comes the brainstorming. What the heck do I call myself? Well after much toil, many suggestions, and a few solid leads I went with KameKnits... which really means Turtle Knits (as Kame - said kah-meh is Japanese for turtle) and since I am fond of turtles and I took 2 semesters of Japanese, thought it was fitting.

So here I was with my little Etsy store. At this point it was still a hobby. Actually it went on like this for quite some time.

Then one day I decided to start a business transcribing verbatim, medical, and legal documents for companies that I have come to know through my time post-college. But now, if I want to have a business doing that, don't I need a name?

Well yes. And no.

I already had a name. I was KameKnits... but really... does that work if I am typing?

So after a little bit of deliberation and some headache, I decided to register as a business under KameKnits Enterprises.

And here we are today. I am a knitting, crocheting and typing machine who spends all of her time NOT at the 8-5 day job doing one of the other three above.

Now what I really need to do is create a website. I half would like to talk with web-designing friends of mine and request one of them to do it. But then again, I have heard nothing good from web-designing people about how horrid their clients can be. I would never want to turn out to be that person, so maybe I may have to hire a stranger. We'll see. Either way, I don't have the time to really sit and think about how to create a site and all the work that goes into it (and re-teaching myself how to do such things).

So for now, I will blog.
The end.

Editor's Note: I'm not good at telling stories. I'm more a flow of the thought type of person, so I'm sorry if that was less than entertaining ;-)

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