Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give "UGH" to the Sickness

Apparently I acquired (and have since shared with my husband) a stomach flu.

Started Friday morning, or really if I think about it, it probably started Thursday afternoon where I felt fine, but off. Just something not right.

Thursday night, had dinner, did a little work, shampooed the carpets (we were having a party on Saturday). Friday morning at around 2:30 AM I woke up with "issues" (we'll call it that for friendly purposes). I spent the rest of the morning on the couch (didn't want to keep my husband from sleeping). Called boss-lady and told her I wasn't going to be able to come into work. Spent the entirety of Friday on and off sleeping on the couch and having issues, eating a few crackers, 2 pieces of toast, and some applesauce. Drank some Pedialyte (which I find disgusting. tastes like some cough medicine would taste it if were orange flavored - my husband got me that over the grape because well he knows I despise the "fake grape" taste)

Saturday - woke up feeling a little better. Not good. But better. Decided to keep the party on. Went shopping at BJs for supples. Came home. Had some more issues. Scrubbed my arms and hands surgically before preparing meatballs and ziti with latex gloves on. (didn't want to infect the guests) Party on.

Spent about 2 hrs of the entirety of the party laying down in the living room on the couch. Just felt like crap.

Towards the end of the evening - husband started to feel sick. Originally thought it was alcohol - immediately realized it was not.

Now we're both sick. I still feel horrid but now I have a lovely headache to go along with it.

I managed to finish my challenge item for the Create Crochet Team 48-hour challenge.

I still have a LOT of my transcript left that is due tomorrow morning (that I took Thursday - well before I realized I was sick). Today is going to be rough. I may have to tell my client that I cannot finish the transcript and that they'll have to get someone else (which I HATE doing but I don't know that I will be able to finish it.)

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