Monday, March 15, 2010

Desperate need for some photos

The last few weeks I have been cranking out one project after another, however I haven't taken any listing pictures.


No clue. Probably because I've finished most items and just moved right onto something else (if I wasn't already working on something else). I have about 12 items upstairs in my room waiting patiently for their day in the spotlight.

Now that the daylight savings has changed and we should start having more sunlight in the evening, maybe I will get a chance to start taking pictures. I need the sunlight AND the lights that I have in order to get any decent photos.

Now here's the question for you - for you sellers out there, how do you take your pictures? Do you take them outside? Which do you find easiest? And for those of you in particular that have larger items like my crocheted blankets, which do you find is the easiest and best way to showcase your items for your pictures?

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