Monday, October 11, 2010

Snappy snap snap

Almost a year ago I began this pattern for a sleep sac with a matching hat.

Then all I needed, were some snaps to close the sleep sac

(Here it is while I was crocheting the border - without the snaps)

I kept trying to remember to purchase some snaps but completely forgot.

Then fast forward to four months-or so-ago when I started looking into cloth diapers and the patterns to make them. I realized that you also needed snaps for those. So, since I was going to request that my husband's mom make some diapers, I should probably pick up some of these snap things then huh?

So, I went online, and asked around. Who had the good ones, which type should I get, etc.

I ended up going to Kam Snaps and purchasing a snap plier (which yay for me came with 200 snaps for <$8). Sign me up! I ended up ordering 100 white and 100 offwhite, which also came with a card of samples of the other colors available.



For those who have never seen plastic snaps before (like I was prior to this adventure) this is the top portion. It looks like a thumbtack

And then here are the two inside pieces.

You place the thumbtack through the fabric (in this case the crocheted sleep sac) and choose one of the inside pieces. Then you take the pliers and give it a firm press.

(another angle)

Here is one with a few of them already installed

After a bit, it gets to be pretty easy to decide which pieces need to go where. And then soon enough, you have a finished product!

Now all I have to do is finish weaving in the ends, and wash the sac to see how it all goes.

Once that is done, I'll have to send a picture of the final piece (hopefully with someone inside so you can see how adorably cute this pattern really is.

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