Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holy Toledo, it's been over a month!!

It has been a month since my last entry. Why? I've been busy.
Scratch that, I'm always busy.

I'm going to have to admit that I completely forgot this part of my web life.

Let's see, where to begin the updates...

Well I attended a Fiber Bash where I saw some very talented ladies spinning yarn. One of which was Rose from Alma Park Alpacas. It was watching them that inspired me to finally take the dive and purchase some roving yarn from Alma Park (below)

and then immediately when returning home I purchased a drop spindle kit
and a Turkish spindle (which as you can see, Mia really likes the spindle)
I received them the other day in the mail and immediately went to spinning (although in all reality I should have taken the nap that I so desperately needed).

I began spinning the Grey and Navy roving wool as provided in the drop spindle kit (there's no way I'm using my lovely roving yarn from Alma Park until I know what I am doing).

I've created a very interesting looking, yet not entirely functional, two-ply yarn.

It is quite lumpy (completely inconsistent and barely usable) but I'm going to try to make a small swatch with it just to see how it works up. I was pretty happy with my first go at it, even though it didn't come out so well. I mean, at least Mia likes my yarn.

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